Feb 26, 2009

Download Ebook PayPal Secret

Pelajari semua rahsia yang anda perlu tahu mengenai paypal termasuk cara mengeluarkan duit anda daripadanya.

Learn step by step from sign up a Paypal account, verify your Paypal without having a credit card and the secret how to withdraw Paypal fund for most international Paypal user(special for Malaysian) that having problem to withdraw their Paypal.

Wait!!! You only waste your money by attending e-commerce seminar or buy e-commerce book if you don’t know how to withdraw paypal.

Why you must have paypal? Paypal is the only payment processor you can use in eBay. And what? eBay is the largest auction and making money website. You decide to make money on eBay and you create paypal account. But you will face 2 common problems.

  1. You don’t have credit card, so how to verify paypal?
  2. Now you have money in paypal, but how to withdraw paypal?

Ah ha…I have the solution. For problem one, I has write a list of bank that offer debit card that you can use to verify paypal account. 100% working. For question 2, I have written 3 basic method to withdraw paypal. But again there are sub categories in this basic method to withdraw paypal so you can choose the method you like to withdraw paypal.

But that not all, this e-book show you step by step with picture from sign up a paypal account, verify paypal account, solution for those don’t have credit card and solution for withdraw paypal.

Author: Shahril Bin Samsudin
License: Free
Download Link v2.0(New Version): PayPal Secret Ebook
Download Link v1.0: Unofficial Guide For Paypal

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